Property values in Garfield are skyrocketing and developers are looking at our neighborhood as a money making opportunity. This could mean higher property taxes and higher rent. Residents of Garfield are organizing a way to combat this trend and bring decisions of how Garfield develops under the control of the people who live in Garfield through a Community Land Trust. Parts of the Civil Rights Movement and other rust belt cities have used land trusts effectively.

The Garfield Land Trust (GLT) will own land throughout Garfield and will restrict the resale value of the buildings on its land to prevent property value assessments from ballooning and buffer against rent and property taxes taking off. Exactly how and to what extent we will do this is up to members of the Garfield Land Trust. ¬†Anyone 15 and up, who lives within the boundaries of the GLT (between Penn, Matilda, Mossfield, Black and Negley), and pays an annual membership dues of $1 may be a member. Members of the GLT will vote on the board of directors and how the GLT uses its land. We’ll get to decide how plots are used. We’ll get to decide how Garfield grows.

The GLT initiative began in August 2016 when a few Garfield residents supported the idea and came together. Since then we have been meeting monthly in open forums and committees tasked with outreach and structures. The Garfield Land Trust will get stronger as we grow our membership. If you would like to be a member of the GLT you can find more >>membership information here<< and be a part of asserting our control over our neighborhood.

The Garfield Land Trust is an informal and volunteer led community based organization that seeks to preserve affordability in Garfield through shared-equity home ownership, rental housing and community spaces. Currently the GLT is working on bylaws that would legally establish the organization sometime in late 2017.

Please see the Events page for a meeting schedule. Regular meetings are held first Thursday of the month 6:30pm at the community center @ 113 N Pacific St.

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General Account:
Phone number to leave a message: 412-345-3831