Anyone who’s primary residency is within the Garfield neighborhood may sign-up as a voting member of the Garfield Land Trust either in person or through our online application. Those living outside the boundaries may register as non-voting members. Garfield Land Trust is a member controlled  organization and all full members have one vote which is called on for important decisions and board elections. The GLT works to preserve affordability in Garfield and the membership body is responsible for achieving this mission. The membership utilizes a board structure, committees and staff as neccesary to implement their policies and initiatives.


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Membership Dues

There is a $1 annual membership dues for the Garfield Land Trust. This fee boosts a sense of commitment and ownership in the organization that is critical to its long term survival.


Membership Meetings

Membership meetings take place four times a year where pressing concerns are discussed, policy is reviewed and planning takes place. These meetings are one of the cornerstones of the organization where members speak to issues at hand, voice concerns or objections and community information is shared. The membership elects the board and certain decisions are required to come to membership for a vote while other decisions may be moved to membership if appropriate. The first membership meeting is scheduled for October 5th 2017.



The board or the membership establish committees with clear objectives to assist in achieving the GLT mission. Committees are generally open to anyone with an interest in serving and the meeting and activity schedule can be found at our events page. Currently we are meeting as a joint committee on the second Thursday of the month.


The Board

Like most community land trusts the GLT has a tripartite board, meaning it is split evenly into three groups of people: 1/3 voting members, 1/3 lease holders of GLT land who own or rent from the GLT; 1/3 non-resident advisory or supporting people. The board meets once a month and is generally tasked with the oversight of operations and implementation of policies as set forth by the membership. Board seats typically last 2 years and elections are held on rotating basis annually. At this time a board has not been selected. It is planned for the first board elections to be held during the fall of 2017.