Volunteers are the heart of the Garfield Land Trust. With over a year of work put in by dozens of volunteers we have gone from a small meeting to a strong upstart organization ready to fill the void between market forces and the people who live in Garfield. We have knocked on hundreds of doors, held dozens of meetings where people shared their concerns and joined together for a common vision. With the continued help of volunteers from all over we aim to preserve affordable housing in our neighborhood while increasing the spirit of democracy around us. Our work ahead will be challenging and we welcome the help of volunteers to repair houses, reddup green ways, lend a hand at events and assist with committee work.

Upcoming volunteer opportunities are listed on the events calendar and subscribe to our newsletter list to stay up to date. All are welcome at our quarterly meetings where you can gain an orientation to the Garfield Land Trust, meet others working for a similar cause, and find out about upcoming events and plans. You may also contact us at: garfieldlandtrust@gmail.com or leave a message at: 412-345-3831